and so we blossom gently into the infinite garden, Philosophical Research Society, Oct 2021

and so we blossom gently into the infinite garden, 2021

immersive installation
156 x 408 x 144 in.

bougainvillea, pothos, cynara cardunculus, tradescantia zebrina, citrus, porcelain, copper, sand, mirrors,stones, glass, paper, fabric, books,

Solo exhibition presented at The Philosophical Research Society during a year-long artist residency at PRS.


Opening Reception: Sunday, October 10, 2021 | 1-5 pm. the co-creation of aural harmony, facilitated by the Open Source Community Choir at 3 pm. the co-creation of aural harmony is a collective practice that activates the open source community choir protocol in the name of peace.

SAT 11.13.21 the bridge & open dialogue, co-facilitated by Lani Trock & Celeste B. Young

the bridge is a practice of collective self-inquiry, to cultivate peace within, building pathways between heaven and earth. from this sacred space of inner balance and self-awareness, we are invited to imagine society blossoming into its highest, most peaceful potential. from a multitude of diverse perspectives, we may each contribute our unique vision for the future of all life flourishing on this planet and beyond. open dialogue is a safe space to discuss and share our somatic, spiritual and philosophical experiences, through meaningful conversations together in community. 

FRI 11.19.21 tend to care & open dialogue co-facilitated by Summer Bowie, Tulpa & Lani Trock
tend to care is a durational performance, occurring throughout the exhibition, during which the installation will evolve and shift shape as a living, breathing, ever-blossoming garden & sanctuary, mirroring the mycelial networks of web3. on 11.19.21, Lani Trock will engage with this process as a public performance co-facilitated by Summer Bowie & Tulpa, followed by open dialogue, a safe space to discuss and share our somatic, spiritual and philosophical experiences, through meaningful conversations together in community. 

SAT 12.4.21 the galactic wave co-facilitated by Nate Mercereau, Josh Johnson & Lani Trock
3:33pm-4:44pm | HANSELL GALLERY 

the galactic wave is a participatory music and movement performance, to awaken the innate awareness of our fundamental interconnectedness, tipping the scales towards our continuous evolution into unity consciousness. This program is presented by Los Angeles Nomadic Division (LAND) and made possible in part by a grant from the City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs.

​all public programs are made possible by the national peace service (NPS), an ongoing project initiated in 2017. Through radical thought experiments made into tangible, temporary expressions, NPS imagines a decentralized, post-capitalist future society; one that facilitates our collective liberation, mirroring the effortless, symbiotic flow of nature’s zero-waste, circular systems. As we honor each individual aspect as essential to the collective whole, we in turn build a more just, equitable, loving and peaceful world.

The following essay was published in the fall 2021 Biodiversity issue of Autre Magazine.