flowers for the moon, The Standard, April 2014

flowers for the moon, 2014.

immersive installation & photo exhibit

elephant ear, boston fern, monstera deliciosa, ceramic, cotton cord, cotton, future eyes glasses.

Presented at The Standard Hotel in West Hollywood, CA from April 24-May 6, 2014. For flowers for the moon, which was inspired by a photographic series of the same name, documenting plant life at dusk, the artist invited 26 artists to each contribute a photograph inspired by the series, investigating her artistic process, and an immersion in nature as a meditative practice.

The exhibition featured a living installation inside The Box, which featured prismatic glasses by Future Eyes and projected nearby was an animated film by Georgia Tribuiani. Every day of the project, a foraged bouquet, made by either the artist or one of the photographers in the group show, was placed in the front right corner of the Box. This series was documented with portraits of these flowers and the artists with their bouquets.

artist portraits + bouquets

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