tend to care, LA River, LAND + floating, Nov 2022

tend to care

Frogtown on the LA River

Floating & LA Nomadic Division, Aaron Shaw, Meg Shoemaker, David Moses & Noah Klein. Gabrielle M. Costa, Jeanne Heo, Paige Emery, Dominoe Farris, Summer Bowie, Kaylee Anne Gibson, Tin Santos, Salomeya, Brian Schopfel,

singing meditation & river cleanup.

Jeanne Heo, Gabby Costa, Sarika Sanyal, Dominoe Farris, and David Moses.

Presented on 11.11.22 on the bank of the LA River in Frogtown, by Floating in collaboration with LA Nomadic Division. as part of their Soundscape series.

LAND is pleased to present Soundscapes: [extended text from LAND]

LAND is pleased to present Soundscapes: Lani Trock as a part of LAND’s ongoing Soundscapes programming dedicated to experimental music and audio practices. This program is also a part of the artist’s ongoing series, tend to care.

by way of an open source community choir free-form sing and cleanup along the LA river, this donation-based, community gathering intends to honor & deepen our relationship to ourselves, to each other, and with this vital body of water and its surrounding land. together we will clean & sing, as an offering of collective care to this time and space.

facilitated by: aaron shaw, lani trock, meg shoemaker, david moses & noah klein, made possible by floating, LAND, NPS & new earth dao.

tend to care is an ongoing durational performance piece and open source protocol, stewarded by new earth dao. the piece explores the ways in which we care for ourselves, each other and the environments we inhabit. furthermore, this practice imagines how we might radically reshape society in favor of our collective benefit, through a philosophical shift away from profit motives at center, evolving into building a culture of care and wellbeing for all kind, as our primary intention.

OSCC ( open source community choir ) is an open source protocol and collectively-stewarded initiative to proliferate harmony by singing together. by gathering in groups and harmonizing our voices through a primarily wordless, vocal, improvisational practice, we aim to reactivate our inherent ability to sing together without inhibition and reclaim the human voice, our most ancient technology, as a tool for healing and collective benefit.

the activation of these protocols is made possible by the national peace service (NPS), an ongoing imaginal project, est. in 2017. through radical thought experiments made into tangible, temporary expressions, the series imagines a decentralized, post-capitalist future society, that mirrors the effortless, symbiotic flow of nature’s zero-waste, circular systems and honors each individual as essential to the collective whole.

LAND (Los Angeles Nomadic Division) is proud to introduce Soundscapes, our new programming series dedicated to experimental music and audio practices, inviting artists to consider how location and sound in its various modalities are deeply intertwined. This series champions artists prioritizing audio and the sensorial over the ocular to facilitate unique experiences widely available to the public.

Soundscapes joins LAND’s existing series, Nomadic Nights, dedicated to performance and socially-engaged practices, and Frame Rate, presenting film and moving-image work. These three series demonstrate LAND’s dedication to supporting artists in immediate and responsive ways, while providing the public with access to works in process or newly-created.

video by Dominoe Farris
video by David Moses
video by Dominoe Farris
video by Dominoe Farris