Collaboration Cookbook, Metalabel, 2023


The collectively written zine, published by Metalabel, featured recipe I contributed, How to Start a Choir. Site visitors are invited to contribute their own recipe in exchange for a copy of the zine.

The collaboration cookbook is a living resource that includes recipes for real creative projects. Each recipe is an instruction for an activity, initiative, or experiment that is the products of people working together in creative partnership.

On Saturday, August 5th, 2023, 40 people gathered together in a computer lab at Idyllwild Arts High School for a collaborative zine making workshop co-hosted by Metalabel and Friends With Benefits. The results formed the basis of this online resource.

Workshop participants contributed to Collaboration Cookbook by either writing recipes of their own collaborative projects, or by creating collage-based artwork — resulting in over 20 contributions.

This enthusiastic response led to the creation of this website, allowing for participants around the web to join in. We hope you’ll add to this resource.

Contribute your own recipe and receive a free printed physical copy of the cookbook.