free food, nps, 2017

free food is an open-source protocol and an emergent art project to explore alternative food systems. through gift economics, mutual aid, and self-sovereign community building, this protocol experiments with the de-commodification of food systems. inviting us to return to backyard & sidewalk gardens and the sharing of their abundance, these communal redistribution practices reconnect us to the land and to each other. Past offerings have included homegrown herbs & produce, meals, saved seeds, seedlings, and gleaned citrus.

free food is made possible by the national peace service (NPS), a research project, and experimental artwork. The NPS framework imagines a decentralized, post-capitalist future society through radical thought experiments made into tangible expressions. Embodying a culture of care as the pathway to collective liberation, these protocols bio-mimic the symbiotic flow of nature; whose zero-waste, circular systems, honor each participant as essential to the collective whole.