the bridge, nps, 2019

A collectively-written story archive, to map & envision the highest possible, most peaceful future trajectory for all kind, created from a multitude of perspectives. The project was publicly initiated on July 4th, 2019, with an invitation from the LA Department of Arts & Culture, to contribute work to a time capsule buried as part of the Fort Moore Memorial rededication ceremony. As part of the public programs presented during Loitering is Delightful, a workshop was offered, co-facilitated by Celeste B. Young. For this experience, participants first engaged in a walking meditation in Barnsdall Park, followed by a heart mapping and future visioning practice inside the unified field. the bridge is part of an ongoing project, the national peace service (NPS), initiated in 2017. Through radical thought experiments made into tangible, temporary expressions, the series imagines a decentralized, post-capitalist future society; one that mirrors the effortless, symbiotic flow of nature’s zero-waste, circular systems, honors each individual as essential to the collective whole, which in turn, builds a more just, equitable, loving and peaceful world.