the galactic wave, nps, 2018

the galactic wave is a participatory music and movement performance, to awaken an embodied awareness of our interconnection, support our evolution into unity consciousness; into the understanding that our individual & collective wellbeing are entangled in an interrelated whole. 

This performance works with the open source community choir OS protocol to guide the group’s voices into collective harmony. The audience is invited to participate, singing and moving with the performers. The primary purpose of this piece is to create a somatic experience of the group as a symbiotic organism, and through the expression of our unique voice & movement, we find our place within the whole.

To date there have been four expressions of the galactic wave. Each instance has brought together a different group of collaborators at different sites in LA. Previous expressions were created in Feb 2018, DTLA as part of The Spring Break Art Fair, in Jan 2020 at LAMAG in Barnsdall Park, as part of group exhibition, Loitering is Delightful, inside of site-specific installation, the unified field. Next performance was in Dec 2020 in Lincoln Heights at a private residence, as part of Kinship’s solstice gathering, and most recently in Dec 2021, in partnership with LAND at The Philosophical Research Society, to celebrate the closing of solo exhibition, and so we blossom gently into the infinite garden, during a year-long residency at PRS.

the galactic wave is part of an ongoing conceptual research & performance project, the national peace service, initiated in 2017. This project investigates alternative visions for reimagining society, shifting away from growth and profit-centered thinking to a regenerative, care-centered design ethos. The work is also part of new earth: a collection of non-technical, OS protocols for planetary flourishing.